Our main goal is to have continuous dialogue with the employer and provide them permanent, prospective and comprehensive solutions. We start with the feasibility studies on the field and determine the concept that will give the maximum benefit to the employer.

We offer our concepts in 2 and 3 dimensional views. We are preparing the preferred alternative as preliminary project and construction project. We prepare static, mechanical, electrical projects and undertake coordination with the architectural project from the beginning to the end of the project.

We undertake coordination with the architectural project until the end.

During the design and construction process, we follow the licensing procedures that will be given to the necessary institutions. We inform the employer in every step of the project. We undertake supervision throughout the construction of the building.

While architectural design is being created in a unique way, we give particular importance to the sensitivity to the urban environment and comfort of the user while optimizing the investment for the employer and adding value to the city.

We provide renovation of existing buildings, facade renovation and lighting design services to our customers.

• Concept design
• Construction Project
• Coordination with engineering projects
• Facade and lighting design
• Sales Catalog

Interior Architecture

In various scales and categories we provide interior design, project planning and turnkey projects.

We follow the world trends. We aim to integrate the living space with the user with modern, original and cost-effecting designs in a user-oriented way. We blend the employer’s needs, demands and dreams with our imagination and fund of knowledge.

Projects are dealt with the belief that quality life comes with quality environment. The first place that a customer and a brand physically meet is undoubtedly the first impression of that brand. For this reason, we attach importance to the integrity of the interior design with the brand.

We provide concept consulting services. We design all the needs of your brand together as a whole through interior design. Sometimes we create a brand new brand, sometimes we create a new brand identity.

• Branding
• Corporate Identity Design
• Interior Architectural Concept Design
• Interior Architectural Construction Project
• Manufacturing Project
• Turnkey – Construction

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

Urban transformation, becomes an opportunity only with the right design. The fact that the new building is only earthquake resistant means that only one deficiency of the building is removed.

As İklima Şenol Mimarlık we believe that, urban transformation not only for producing new buildings which are earthquake-resistant but for creating more functional, more modern, and quality spaces. We are aiming for a sustainable transformation with energy efficient, environment friendly constructions.

We provide services in the field of urban design and landscape architecture with our solution partners aiming to increase the quality of urban life and to add new values to the everyday surroundings with original designs. In our designs based on sustainable landscaping principles, we aim for a healthier environment and energy efficient usage.

• Master Plan
• Plant Landscape Project
• Structural Landscape Project

Green Building Design and Consultancy

Buildings and settlements that we have defined as built environment are responsible for 40% of carbondioksite emissions, 12% of water use, 65% of waste, 71% of electricity consumption, which is the main cause of global warming. A study in the United States shows that ‘green eco-friendly’ structures will achieve reductions of up to 24-50% in energy consumption, 33-39% in carbondioksite emissions, 40% in water consumption and 70% in waste.

Today, when our natural resources are consumed rapidly, it is very important to realize that the environment is shaped by this consciousness and that existing buildings are transforming into green, environmentally friendly constructions. As İKLİMA ŞENOL architecture we provide the ‘Green Building’ design in architecture, and we transforming existing buildings into environment friendly buildings with the most valid systems which are LEED, BREAM, EKB(local evaluation system), that evaluates the green buildings.

• Green Building Design
• BREEAM Consultancy
• LEED Consultancy
• EKB Consultancy